Sugar TradeFor 100s of years, sugar has been one of the most costly “spices” in the world. For most of this time it was a luxury item used only by the rich. Today most people take things like sugar and salt for granted. But not the commodity traders! Sugra is one of the top 5 most commonly traded commodities on the planet and for good reason. Most of the world wakes up with a cup of coffee and how good would that coffee bee with out a teaspoon or two of sugar…?

Today there are many types of table sugar including, white sugar, brown sugar and so forth. Various types of sugar come from different places but are all traded at similar if not the same values. How to trade Sugar online is simple. Trading sugar online is a great way to learn the commodities trading market online.

Trading Hours:

Mon – Fri: 14:00 GMT – 21:00 GMT [US trading session]

Trading Symbol: SB

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