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Aussie Slumps on Poor U.S. Data

January 31, 2013 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

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Following official data that U.S. economic growth has become sluggish, the Aussie has declined. Official data was published from the U.S. overnight which portrayed that the economy contracted 0.1 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2012. On Wednesday he Australian dollar was trading at 104.73 US cents, and dipped to 104.06 US cents at 17:00 AEDT on Thursday. The AUD has been trading between 103.81 US cents and 104.30 cents since 07:00 AEDT.

Binary options economists claim that the U.S. GDP (gross domestic product) led the Australian dollar to fall.  As there is a possibility that the American economy may enter another recession or be moving in that direction, the Aussie has not had much support.

Non-farm payrolls data is expected to be released on Friday night AEDT in the U.S., and this will have an effect on Australian bonds. Binary options traders will also be focusing on the Reserve Bank of Australia meeting which is set to take place on February 5th, where a decision is to be announced regarding its cash rate. During the most recent meeting of the RBA on December 4th, the cash rate was decreased to three per cent, a quarter of a percentage point lower.

The Aussie was trading at 94.64 Japanese yen at 17:00 AEDT, which was a drop from Tuesday’s value of 95.25 yen.  At the same time the AUD was trading at 76.62, which was a decline from 77.65 euro cents.

The U.S. data led Australian bond futures prices to climb, however. The March 10-year bond futures contract it the 96.570 level at 16:30 AEDT on Thursday, which was a jump from the 96.520 level on at Wednesday’s close. The March three-year bond futures contract hit the 97.190 level at 16:30 AEDT, which was an advance from its previous 97.130 level. Binary options economists explain that Australian bond prices were raised by statements from the U.S. Federal Open market Committee, as well as from the U.S. growth data.

The FOMC stated at its meeting following the GDP release that economic growth seems to have slowed in the past few months. Previously, the FOMC had said that economic growth was expanding at a decent rate.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The Australian dollar tumbled versus the greenback on Thursday following the release of mixed Australian economic data. Binary options traders have not been displaying much risk-appetite prior to U.S. job reports.

During late Asian trading, the AUD/USD forex binary option reached the 1.0380 level, which was the currency pair’s lowest point since January 1st. Subsequently, the forex pair consolidated at 1.0405, which was a dip of 0.10 per cent. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, the private sector credit gained 0.4 per cent in December, which was higher than the 0.2 per cent increase.

Australian data regarding import prices showed an increase of 0.3 per cent following the previous quarter’s decline of 2.4 per cent. Economists had expected a higher rise.

Aussie a Big Mover Today

January 24, 2013 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

AUD in Binary Options Trading

According to data published yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there was an advance of 0.2 per cent in consumer prices in the December quarter. Binary options economists had predicted that there would be a higher increase of 0.5 per cent. The actual result may lead the Reserve Bank of Australia to cut the cash rate in its meeting on February 5th.

Australian bond futures were bullish today at 12:00 PM AEDT; the March three-year bond futures contract was trading at 97.310 at 12:00 PM AEDT today, which was a jump up from 97.280. The March ten-year bond futures contract hit the 96.755 level, which was a leap from the 96.730, its closing value during yesterday’s trading session.

While binary options traders awaited Chinese manufacturing data today, the Aussie was pushed lower to 105.18 US cents at 12:00 PM AEDT today. This was a decrease from yesterday’s closing value of 105.55.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The Aussie was a big mover today after the HSBC manufacturing Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) data was released from China, the strongest data in twenty-three months. The HSBC PMI was at 51.5 in December, and climbed to 51.9 for January. The Australian currency climbed to the 1.0548 level, while the yen performed bearishly, dropping to 1.0522. The kiwi has stayed strong, leading the AUD/NZD forex binary option to fall to 1.2476.

Local currencies have been affected by the North Korean nuclear threat; the Aussie and the yen have both experienced downward pressure due to the threat. The NZD/USD has been resilient, while the AUD/NZD has reached the lowest point in a month.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

Despite the optimistic Chinese data regarding manufacturing figures, the AUD/USD is weaker today. In contrast to yesterday’s trading value of 105.39 cents, the Aussie was trading at 105.14 US cents on Thursday at 17:00 AEDT. Even though Australia’s trading relationship with China should mean that the AUD would gain from positive Chinese data, the Australian currency is still struggling. The fact that the greenback continues to be so strong is most likely a factor in the AUD’s downfall.

Since traders expect the Reserve Bank of Australia to cut the cash rate on February 5th, as previously mentioned, demand for the Aussie has dipped. Forex analysts claim that there is a 40 per cent chance of an interest rate cut in February.  It is possible that the AUD may resume its downward movement in the next few trading days. The main event which has influenced the Aussie in the last twenty-four hours has been Wednesday’s Australian CPI figures.

If you would like to gain high returns today and for the remainder of the trading week, make sure to keep a look-out for important upcoming financial events. It is also important to choose a binary options broker who provides you with daily, weekly and monthly market news. Read the news every day so that you can be fully aware of economic events which will affect your binary options trades. Follow this simple advice, and your trades will no doubt improve significantly.

Aussie Loses against Kiwi in 2012

January 3, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

AUD in Binary Options Trading

In 2012, the New Zealand dollar advanced more than six per cent versus the US dollar, according to the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. The Australian dollar, on the other hand, gained a mere two per cent against the USD. Australians are most likely pleased with the outcome of the AUD/USD this year, as the high value of the Aussie brings difficulties to retailers, manufacturers and farmers.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

Binary options economists explain that it is quite impressive that the Aussie was able to climb at all, what with all of the interest rate cuts and drops in commodity prices. One factor leading to the kiwi’s strength is interest rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand following the global financial crisis. The Reserve Bank of Australia, however, raised interest rates several times between late 2009 and 2010, and subsequently lowered the rates between late 2011 and throughout 2012. The AUD was more hurt by the interest rate cycle than the NZD. The Reserve Bank of Australia cut the cash rate to 3.0 per cent, which was a decrease of a quarter of a percentage, a drop of 1.75 points than the rate at the beginning of November 2011. The kiwi just made it into the top ten strongest currencies versus the greenback in 2012, closing at number nine. Forex binary option analysts claim that many of the top ten currencies were not traded as often as the AUD or the NZD this past year.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The Aussie was able to make substantial gains amidst the U.S. budget talks, and is now holding onto those profits. The Australian currency hit 104.84 US cents at 17:00 AEDT on Thursday, which was a jump from Wednesday’s 104.3 US cents. Early Thursday morning, the AUD reached its highest point in two weeks, 105.25 US cents. This was as global share markets surged following the US Congress’s deal to avert the U.S. fiscal cliff. The Aussie advanced more than one US cent on Wednesday, and then traded in a tight range on Thursday. The global economy has been boosted by the U.S. budget deal.

Forex markets will most likely focus on economic data which is scheduled to be published, specifically the report of U.S. non-farm payrolls, which indicates U.S. employment. The data is set to be released on Friday night, AEDT. As a result of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the market will probably not be very liquid for a while. Binary options traders should be sure to concentrate on important data that will be released in the days ahead, as the data will a key factor in making your trading decisions.

Today was Wall Street’s strongest trading session in over a year. The Australian stocks surged as well. All Ordinaries binary option index gained 0.8 per cent, closing at the 4,761 level.  The ASX 200 jumped three quarters of a per cent, hitting the 4,741 level.

Aussie Tumbles after Christmas Holiday

December 27, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

For the first time since November, the AUD fell below 104 US cents at the trading session’s close. The AUD has not been this bearish since November 21st, when it landed at 103.56 US cents by the close of the day’s trading session, after ranging between 103.79 US cents and 103.46 US cents. This decline came about as discussions regarding the U.S. budget resume and traders are gearing more towards the US dollar. At 17:00 AEDT on Thursday, the Aussie was trading at 103.56 US cents. This was a decline of half a per cent from 104.09 US cents, which was the closing value prior to the Christmas Holiday.

The market reopened today after it had been closed for two days for Christmas and Boxing Day vacation. The AUD opened at 103.71 US cents. Traders are returning to the safe-haven US dollar, while the US fiscal cliff looms ahead and budget talks drag on. President Obama returned home early from his Christmas vacation in Hawaii in order to continue his talks in Washington with Congressional leaders in the US. The discussions are regarding the US fiscal cliff, which involves increased taxes and spending cuts, which are meant to begin in early the early part of 2013. A US recession may occur if Obama and Congress are not able to find a solution to avoid the fiscal cliff. As of now, it seems as though a mere minimal deal will be reached. Binary options investors remain cautious due to the budget talks and fiscal cliff, and are therefore not displaying much of a risk-appetite, staying away from the Aussie and leaning towards safe havens.

Binary options economists do not expect the Aussie to fall too hard, since it remains strong versus the Japanese yen. The AUD reached its highest point in two weeks against the Japanese currency. Meanwhile, the USD peaked at its highest point against the yen since September 2010. The AUD was trading at 88.82 yen on Thursday at 17:00 AEDT, which was a jump from the 87.80 yen level it had hit at Monday’s close. The AUD hit 78.30 euro cents, a decrease from the previous 78.96 euro cents. The USD was trading at 85.79 yen, a climb from the previous 84.36 yen level. Binary options analysts explain that the AUD/JPY forex binary option is resilient right now, and the cross rate of the Aussie-yen plays a major role in the AUD’s support structure.

Today was an optimistic one for Australian stocks, and therefore there was less demand for fixed-income assets. The Australian bond market closed on a bearish note today. On Thursday at 16:30, the December 10 year bond futures contract dropped from its 96.68 level at the pre-Christmas close, down to the 96.67 level. The December three year bond futures contract remained the same as at Monday’s close, at the 97.27 level.

No Australian economic data is scheduled to be released this week, after the two-day holiday.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

December 20, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

When trading binary options, it is of utmost importance to constantly keep yourself informed of the current events, whether they be financial, political or economical. Important events directly contribute to the performance of the markets, and determine if market behavior will be bearish, bullish or volatile. By staying knowledgeable of the latest news, you will be able to more accurately predict which direction a particular asset will move in. You will therefore be more confident when deciding whether to select a “call” or a “put” on each trade you execute.

The wonderful thing about binary options is that the act of trading them is so simple – there are only two things that can happen: Their price will either go up or down. You do not need to know how much the price of an option will rise or fall; you just need to know whether it will rise or fall. If you make sure you are well-read on the market news, you will be able to predict the direction a binary option will move in by a certain expiry time much more easily and you will therefore increase your chances of becoming a successful trader and earning high returns.

When it comes to forex binary options, there are many different currency pairs to choose from. It is always better to start off with only a couple of different assets, however and to get accustomed to those particular assets that you have chosen. You can become more familiar with their trends and patterns and begin to predict their movements. It is suggested to trade on the currency you know best, which is most likely the New Zealand dollar or the Australian dollar. That is why we have this news section, especially for news regarding the Aussie. Read this section every week to stay up-to-date on the AUD. Choose a binary options broker whose website provides you with market news as well, so you can know what is occurring in the markets every day.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

Due to continued discussions regarding possible aversion of a U.S. fiscal cliff, the Australian dollar is lower. On Thursday at 12:00 AEDT, the Aussie was trading at 104.73 US cents, which was a decrease from Wednesday afternoon’s hit of 105.16 US cents. At the same time, the AUD was trading at 79.24 euro cents, which was the Australian currency’s lowest point since October. Australian futures prices had jumped, however. The March 10-year bond futures contract was trading at 96.655 on Thursday at 12:00 AEDT, which was higher than Wednesday’s closing hit of 96.640. The March 3-yearbond futures contract hit 97.250, which was up from 97.220.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD/USD currency pair dropped in early trading today, the Aussie hitting 1.0516. Europe published positive economic data, which boosted the euro, in effect pushing the Australian dollar down. The AUD/USD forex pair reached a 7-day low in Asia, closing the North American session lower by 0.5% on the day.  Read more Australian news at

Aussie Climbs after US Federal Reserve Meeting

December 13, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

Why trade binary options, you ask, as opposed to other financial instruments?

There are several advantages to trading binary options. One of the main reasons is the simplicity factor. You needn’t be an experienced trader or a person very knowledgeable of economics in order to begin investing in binary options. Beginners can do as well as advanced traders if they go about it wisely.

Your next question is probably: “Well, what is the wisest way to go about it?” And here we come in, with important advice.

First of all, read our website to familiarize yourself with the world of binary options. Pay particular attention to this news section in order to be knowledgeable on the subject of the New Zealand dollar and the Australian dollar. A successful trader doesn’t become successful by chance; rather, he works at it. You want to trade on your own currency? That’s all well and good, but make sure you know your currency first. Become an expert on it; know its ups and downs and its recent performance. Learn its trends. Understand what has led to these trends, which current events both globally and domestically have affected the currency.

Next, learn to read the financial charts. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a financial genius to be able to do that.  It’s a lot easier than it looks. And you’re not alone – if you choose a proper binary options broker, they should provide you with a financial advisor who will teach you how to read and analyse the charts. They will also teach you various strategies that you can use while trading. Your binary options broker should also include a Market News section on their website so that you can be sure to keep up-to-date with current economic events.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

The aussie climbed on Thursday after the U.S. Federal Reserve announced that it would continue its bond-buying program. The goal is to stimulate spending and ease lending rates. The AUD was trading at 105.52 US cents on Thursday at 17:00 AEDT, which was a jump from Wednesday’s closing hit of 105.32 US cents. Earlier on Thursday, prior to the announcement of the U.S. Fed’s decision, the Australian currency reached 105.87 US cents. That was its highest point since September 14th. Binary option economists suggest that this leap was due to the anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s announcement. The confident mood did not last long, however. Concerns over the looming U.S. fiscal cliff did not help. It seems as though the fiscal cliff would continue to be the markets’ concentration point for the remainder of the year. The fiscal cliff is a plan involving spending cuts and tax rises.

The AUD was at 88.26 Japanese yen at 17:00 AEDT, which was an increase from Wednesday’s level of 87.04 yen. The aussie was trading at 80.66, which was a dip from 81.01 euro cents. Australian bond futures prices were lower. Binary options analysts advise that it is not clear as to why bond prices fell after the Federal Reserve meeting. Keep reading the news every day on your binary options broker’s website to increase your chances of earning high returns.

Unexpected Drop in Australian Unemployment

December 6, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

AUD in Binary Options Trading

There were several important financial events in Australia this week which affected the aussie, including the outcome of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision regarding interest rates and November unemployment data. The Reserve Bank of Australia made a decision yesterday to cut interest rates to 3%. The unemployment rate in Australia fell to 5.2% from October’s 5.4% rate, which was positive news for Australians.

Binary options economists had expected that the Australian unemployment rate would rise to 5.5% last month, so of course the dip was a welcomed surprise. 13,900 jobs were added by the Australian economy in November, bringing the figure to 11.546 million, up from 10,100 jobs in the previous month. Australian employment change had been expected by the markets to rise by only 2,000 in November. However, despite this optimistic Australian data, there still seems to be weakness in job ads and business surveys.

The Australian economy is currently growing at a sluggish rate of about 2.5% a year. Since the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision was a pretty neutral one, it is a good thing that the AUD jumped in reaction.

Binary options analysts claim that it is possible that the AUD may rise beyond 105 US cents and possibly reach 106 US cents by the week’s end, even though trade balance data may pose a negative risk tomorrow. At noon this Thursday, Australian bond futures prices were mixed. The December 10-year bond futures contract hit the 96.925 level at 12pm AEDT time, which indicated a yield of 3.075 per cent. This was an increase from 3.100 per cent, or 96.900 yesterday afternoon. The December three-year bond futures contract remained the same, at 97.380, or 2.620 per cent.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has decided to maintain interest rates unchanged at 2.5%, although recently there have been concerns that there would be a rate cut. People’s worries were due to the weak employment data and retail sales figures in New Zealand. Following the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s statement, the AUD/NZD hit one month lows. The kiwi surged to one-month highs of 0.8295 yesterday, the AUD/NZD forex binary option being sold off at a new one-month low of 1.2610. The currency pair was down -0.68% for the week yesterday.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The aussie has continued to climb on Thursday, coming to a 2.5-month high. The positive employment data helped the aussie surge. The AUD/USD forex pair reached its peak on Thursday at the 1.0495 level, and is trading at the 1.0490 zone, an increase of 0.4% for the day.

Australian Events Next Week

Binary options investors should be aware of the upcoming busy week with events surrounding the AUD and the Australian economy. There are 15 scheduled events set to take place next week. Some of these events include data that is to be released regarding: The AIG Manufacturing Index, Retail Sales, Commodity Prices and Building Approvals. It is important to keep a look out for the crucial data that is to be released, as it will no doubt influence your binary options trades.

American Black Friday to Boost AUD/USD?

November 22, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

If high returns on your binary options trades is what you’re looking for, which I’m sure it is, you will need to do a few simple things to turn your dream into a reality. First of all, I have yet to hear of a successful binary options investor who is not fully informed of the most recent global economic news. Become knowledgeable of financial events, and you will be more likely to succeed. If you are an Australian or a New Zealander and would like to focus your trading efforts on the Aussie or the kiwi, we strongly recommend you do so. It is much easier to stay up-to-date on events influencing your own local currency. Keep in mind that global events will affect your domestic currency. The more aware you are of the current performance of the AUD or NZD, the greater your chances of profiting will be.

We provide you with news regarding the Aussie in this section of our website. A way to further ensure  that you know the latest Australian dollar news is to choose a binary options platform which provides you with daily, weekly and monthly news. It will be much easier for you if you have the market news right at your fingertips while placing your trades. Furthermore, select a website that has a financial calendar of events as well. Make sure that the calendar is extensive and detailed, and explains what each event’s significance is. Keep reading for news regarding the Australian dollar.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

Today is American Thanksgiving, and tomorrow is Black Friday, when Americans flock to the stores to take advantage of the holiday sales. Economists predict that holiday retail sales will sustain last year’s gains. Hopes remain high regardless of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the dreaded fiscal cliff. Up to 40% of a retailer’s annual revenue is generally earned during the holiday shopping season beginning tomorrow, on Black Friday. A jump of 3.5 % to 3.7% is expected for holiday sales. 147 million Americans plan to shop this weekend. Because of this upbeat holiday anticipation regarding retail sales, positive market sentiment is expected to rise. Binary options traders will therefore gain more of a risk-appetite, and the AUD/USD might possibly soar. Stay ahead of the game and check how the markets are doing before executing your binary options trades.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD/USD forex binary option dropped again yesterday. After attempting to recover at the 1.0375 level, the pair dropped again to the 1.0363/66 range, a fall of 12 pips and -0.22%. Today the AUD/USD forex pair broke through support and was trading at 1.360/62. The pair is at its lowest volatility since 2007. When the pair hit 1.0288, there was a slight range break, but it did not last long. No significant financial events are scheduled for today for the US or Australian economies, the US being on Thanksgiving holiday. It will be interesting to see if the Aussie will indeed rise tomorrow.

The Aussie Plummets After Obama’s Re-election

November 8, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

Binary options trading is the simplest form of financial trading out there today. To be successful and make high returns, however, you need to be aware of the latest market news and to keep track of important economic events. We suggest that you become experts on your own domestic currency. In this section we provide you with news regarding the AUD, so that you can stay ahead of the game and know where to place your trades. The global news will determine which assets you should select and whether their value will increase or decrease. You will therefore be capable of making informed decisions, and you will be confident when choosing whether a “Call” or “Put” selection is needed.

In addition to reading the news on our website and checking our financial calendar, we recommend our readers to choose their binary options broker wisely. Their trading platform should include an extensive financial calendar of events which will influence your trades. They should also provide you with up-to-date market news. Keep reading below for news regarding the current performance of the Aussie.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

Despite positive data regarding local employment, the Australian dollar tumbled as pessimistic sentiment took hold of the markets following Barack Obama’s re-election as US President. On Thursday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released figures illustrating that there was a 5.4% domestic unemployment rate in October and 10,700 people finding jobs that month. This data was better than expected, as economists anticipated that the unemployment rate would be 5.5% and that only 5,000 new jobs would be created. However, although the positive information would seem as though it would help strengthen the AUD, the Aussie did not, in actuality, jump all that much. It did climb during Australia’s trading session on Wednesday upon news of the election results. US investors, on the other hand, did not have similar reactions to those of Australians, and so the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 2% that night. Thus, there was a major 180 degree turn overnight regarding market sentiment.

The fiscal cliff which will probably be enforced in 2013, involving tax increases and spending cuts, has of course brought about concern among Americans, which helped lead to a stock market slump. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s quarterly statement regarding monetary policy and Chinese economic data are of great influence to the performance of the Australian dollar. In the aftermath of the election, the Aussie rallied, and Australian bond future prices jumped as well. Economists have said that following the US election, global bond markets have climbed while traders are concentrating on the economic challenges which Obama must face. The AUD, as previously mentioned, soared overnight and rose again after the employment data, but subsequently fell.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

As negative employment data was released, the kiwi traded bearishly against its main counterparts. The New Zealand unemployment rate jumped from 6.8% in the second quarter to 7.3% in the third quarter. As 10,700 new jobs were created in Australia, the Aussie found support but did not lower the unemployment rate down from 5.4%.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD/USD forex binary option gained ground on Thursday after Australia’s positive employment data, while the U.S. fiscal policy brought concern. The peak of the day for the currency pair was 1.0432 during European morning trade, followed by a hit of 1.0419.

The Aussie Climbs in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

November 1, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

This past week has been an unusual one for binary options traders, as the U.S. stock market underwent its longest suspension in over a century, due to disastrous Hurricane Sandy. The New York Stock Exchange reopened yesterday after Hurricane Sandy roared along the U.S. east coast. Sandy left tragic results behind, however; 33 US storm-related deaths were reported yesterday, aside from the 67 deaths in the Caribbean last week, and millions were left without power for days. Now that the storm is over and the stock market has reopened, investors are excitingly trading left and right, bringing much market movement during the hurricane aftermath. New York is still recovering after the stock market’s longest suspension since 1888.

Binary options investors should keep track of important financial events occurring tomorrow and in the week ahead, as your trades will no doubt be affected by the outcome of these market events. We advise all of our readers to choose their binary options broker carefully. A wise choice for a platform would be one which includes not only daily, weekly and monthly market news, but also an extensive, detailed financial calendar. That way, you will be able to make informed trading decisions based on educated predictions, and hopefully be able to increase your binary options trading profits. Since you are probably most up-to-date on current events in New Zealand and Australia, it may be recommended to stick to what you know and to increase your knowledge on your local domestic currencies. Keep reading to find out news regarding the Australian dollar today.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

Following S&P futures’ volatile movement, positive China PMI reports and Q3 trade prices for Australia, the Aussie has jumped. We will see if this upward trend for the AUD is short-lived, however.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is scheduled to release their decision regarding interest rate cuts on Tuesday. Economists claim that this is the most important event of the week for Australians to focus on. The RBA is worried that demand for the domestic currency might decrease.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

After an almost immobile week for the AUD/NZD currency pair, the forex binary option is on the rise today and expected to continue its upward movement.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD/USD looks very low on momentum at the moment, ranging between the 1.0355 and 1.0381 the level. The Aussie did fall against its greenback counterpart on Thursday, as the financial situation in Greece and Spain continues to be worrisome for traders.

This morning the binary option pair hit 1.03555 during European trade and subsequently fell 0.14%, consolidating at 1.0360. Traders are still being careful, as it remains unclear whether Spain may request a bailout, as well as whether Greece will receive more bailout funding.

The AUD did find some support after the positive Chinese data.

To get the highest returns, binary options traders should make sure to make it a habit of reading news regarding global and domestic market events every day of the week, as each event can change the results of your trades.

AUD Soars to Highest Level in a Week

October 25, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

We here at are well aware that most of you, our readers, mainly prefer to trade on your own domestic currencies, since you are probably most up-to-date on your particular region’s economy. To keep you fully informed on current events in Australia and New Zealand, we provide you with weekly market news.

It is also critical that when selecting which binary options broker to trade with, you select one whose website has their own market news. This will make your trading much easier, as you will have all of the resources you need right at your fingertips. We recommend choosing a broker who provides you with daily, weekly and monthly updates.

You can greater increase your chances of becoming a successful trader by not only being informed of the market news, but also checking a detailed financial calendar so that you know what important events are coming up. We have a financial calendar on our website, but, again, we suggest that your binary options broker have one as well. Keep reading below to gain better knowledge of the latest information regarding the performance of the Australian currency.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

Rising optimistic market sentiment regarding the Chinese economy as well as the prediction that there will be no further domestic interest rate cuts has led to the Aussie’s high point in a week.

The AUD hit its peak of the past week at 17:00 AEST on Thursday, reaching 103.76 US cents, a jump from Wednesday’s 102.96 US cents level.

Chinese official data shows a rise in October of the manufacturing purchasing managers’ index to 49.1, which is an increase from September’s 47.9.

According to official data from The Australian Bureau of Statistics, prices have leaped 1.4 per cent in the September quarter, an annual pace of 2 per cent. As this increase is greater than anticipated, it does not leave the Reserve Bank of Australia much room to cut the cash rate in the next few months.

Economists claim that yesterday’s Chinese manufacturing figures and Australian inflation data is still influencing today’s market, and therefore the AUD is continuing to climb.

Look out for the British release of gross domestic product data for September’s quarter, as this is the main event that will affect forex markets overnight on Thursday.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

On Tuesday the Aussie performed more bullishly than the kiwi, but the NZD caught up on Wednesday. The AUD/NZD binary option is not expected to drop much further, however. After the announcement by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand regarding monetary policy, the AUD/NZD slumped from 1.2665 to 1.2610.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

Following the Federal Reserve’s policy announcement, the AUD/USD forex currency pair rose above the 1.0350 resistance level on Wednesday.

Although there is European disappointment, binary options economists have high expectations regarding global growth. The AUD/USD pair has been on the rise, but it is still unlikely that the Aussie will climb much further based only on domestic events.

AUD Reaches Highest Point in Two Weeks

October 18, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

There’s no doubt that trading binary options can be a fun and exciting activity; it’s simple and speedy if you choose the right platform, and each time you click on “Call” or “Put” your heart races with the thrill of the anticipated results. We here at want to make sure that not only are you enjoying yourselves, but you’re also gaining the highest profits you can dream of.

One way to help you become a successful binary options trader is to offer you advice on how to trade wisely. A smart trader will not randomly select assets and guess which direction they might move in by the expiry time, rather he will make educated predictions. A trader’s predictions should be based on major events happening in the news that may affect a particular asset as well as analysis of financial charts depicting economic trends. Therefore, when choosing which binary options broker to go with, it is important to make sure that they provide you with the best sources to make your trading successful, such as the latest economic news and detailed financial charts. We have these sources on our website, but it will make your life easier if your binary options broker has the information easily accessible for you to review while trading on their website.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

Most Australian binary options traders prefer to trade on their own economic currency, since they are usually up-to-date on Australian current events and performance of the AUD.

For the first time in two weeks, the AUD exceeded 103 U.S. cents on Wednesday. The currency’s rise is thanks to good news from the U.S. and from Europe which affected the Asian market. The AUD was trading at 103.13 US cents on Wednesday at 17:00 AEDT, which was an increase from Tuesday’s 102.67 cents. The Australian currency hit 103.25 during Wednesday’s local trading session, the highest hit of the last two weeks.

On Tuesday night, Australian time, the Spanish government was relieved that their credit rating did not decrease too drastically. The government’s efforts to help improve Spain’s critical economic situation paid off, as did the support offered by the European Central Bank.

Today China released third quarter GDP (gross domestic product) figures. The official data included a 7.4% y/y growth. Although China’s economy is bearish, this data is regarded by binary options economists as positive. As Australia is a close trading partner with China, this data is sure to affect AUD trades.  Keep this information in mind, as having this knowledge will improve your binary options trading.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

While the AUD/NZD forex binary option is still consolidating Tuesday’s gains, sentiment remains optimistic as a result of the positive official Chinese economic data. The AUD/NZD hit 1.2640 overnight last night and is rising above it.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD climbed 0.69% against the USD and closed at 1.0378 on Wednesday. Australia saw an increase in business confidence this morning, to a reading of -2.0 in the third quarter of 2012 from -3.0 in the second quarter of 2012. In the Asian trading session today at GMT 3:00, the AUD/USD was trading at 1.0384, a rise of 0.06% from yesterday’s close. Economists predict that the forex binary option pair will find support at 1.0325 and they claim that a fall through may bring the AUD/USD to the next support level of 1.0265. The currency pair is likely to find its first resistance at 1.0420, and a rise through may bring the forex binary option pair to the next resistance level of 1.0456.

AUD/USD Declines Ahead of Federal Reserve Decision

Australian Dollar Expected to go Bullish this Week

September 19, 2012Weekly Australian Binary Options Trading News

Australian Dollar in Binary Options Trading

Each binary options broker offers a different selection of trading assets. When looking for the right binary options platform, this is an important consideration. Some traders have specific assets such as forex currency pairs or stock pairs that they enjoy following in the news. Many Australians prefer to select binary options brokers with the Australian dollar as a trading currency, because they find they are more updated on Australian economic news.

Our site provides market news and a financial calendar with current economic events and market indicators, but it is recommended to find a binary options broker who provides these resources as well. Follow up on the latest economic news from multiple sources in order to be an educated binary options trader. For example, last week the Australian dollar remained strong based on the weakened U.S dollar and ECB announcements regarding the Euro Zone. The AUD was trading positively on optimistic market sentiment. This week, the Aussie is performing bullishly. Stay tuned for this week’s important financial events in order to profit from binary options trading.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The AUD/NZD binary options currency pair fell to a 2 month low last week. The forex pair began the week reaching a support level near 1.2700. Today, this currency pair is trading lower at 1.2634.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD/USD binary option began last Friday’s trading session on a strong note, but ended forming a shooting star. This turn of events may be related to turmoil in U.S embassies in the Middle East leading to market concerns. The highest level was 1.0624 and the resistance level was 1.0612; however the 1.04 level for this pair is expected to provide support. Be on the lookout for how the Australian dollar’s value will be affected by monetary easing from the Federal Reserve in addition to the Reserve Bank of Australia.

This Wednesday, the AUD/USD rose after the Bank of Japan announced their new easing program. This program is expected to boost carry trade demand for Japan. This forex pair is currently hovering between the 1.0441 and 1.0460 levels. The AUD has weakened by .32% against the USD.

This week’s Financial Events

Expect important data releases from the Reserve Bank of Australia this week. This Monday, the bank’s board will publish notes from their most recent meeting. These will include details on economic conditions and future interest rates. The Reserve Bank will also be publishing its annual report on Tuesday, complete with a summary of the past year’s open market transactions, financial statements and currency operations. Two Assistant Governors, Guy Debelle and Christopher Kent from the Bank of Australia will be giving speeches regarding financial markets this week. Assistant Governor Kent has stated today that growth in Asia will help boost the Australian economy and is optimistic about the BOJ easing program.

September 11, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

AUD in Binary Options Trading

The Aussie has remained strong this week while the U.S dollar continues to decline. The

Australian CurrencyAUD is receiving overall positive market sentiment, but it is advised to be on the lookout for stimulus additions in China or U.S that will affect the Australian export and job markets.

Many investors enjoy trading the Australian Dollar in their binary options trades despite the recent volatile performance of this currency. This week, the AUD has been affected by financial announcements from the ECB and Federal Reserve. Below you will find the latest news on the AUD/NZD and AUD/USD forex pairs.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The Kiwi is trading higher against the Aussie. The AUD/NZD binary options currency pair fell to a 2 month low overnight and has been hovering between the 1.2756 and 1.2781 levels, landing at 1.2768 at 7:00 AM GMT this morning.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD/USD forex pair declined in yesterday’s trading session, landing at the 1.036 level.

Investors are eagerly awaiting rate decisions from Germany, Holland and the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is expected to implement quantitative easing this week. The 1.03 level is supposed to serve as a form of support for this binary options forex pair. The U.S is expected to release a report on the Trade Balance today, which will provide a picture of last month’s imported and exported goods.

This week’s Financial Events

Markets are at a standstill before Wednesday’s German constitutional court ruling regarding the legality of the planned European bailout fund.

In Australian employment news, 900 coal mining jobs were cut in Australia this week due to declining prices from softening steel demand from China. The Xstrata Coal Company is cutting 600 of the total amount of jobs and BHP is slashing the remaining 300. Both companies pointed to falling coal prices and high wages as the reasons for the cuts.  Metallurgical coal prices have declined, landing at $158 a ton. This decline in the mining sector reflects to recent declines in commodity prices such as spot gold. Overall, Australian business conditions improved in August for sectors including wholesale, retail and construction. The Australian housing finance market slid by 1%, as predicted by market analysts.

Looking Ahead

There are many important data releases and announcements coming up from the American economy and the Euro Zone, which will affect the Australian and New Zealand currencies in binary options trading. Make sure to keep updated on global financial market news and Australian employment reports in the upcoming weeks.

The U.S is releasing the NFIB small business survey in addition to the Trade Balance results. Stay tuned for Thursday’s announcement from the FMOC to see how this affects the AUD/USD currency pair in binary options trading. The European Stability Mechanism bailout plan is expected to be implemented tomorrow, September 12 depending on the German constitutional court ruling.

AUD Currency Continues to Decline

August 28, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

The Australian dollar has slid to its lowest level in over a month. This forex currency is trading at 103.36 US cents today. This decline is correlated with falling commodity prices and negative quarterly Australian capital expenditure data. Investment spending in Australia does not appear to be growing at the pace it was expected to. Investors are all looking to the central bank meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in anticipation of Fed Chairman Bernanke’s speech, which will be delivered tomorrow. The AUD September three year bond futures contract settled at 97.500 (2.500 per cent) today.

AUD in Binary Options Trading

When looking for a binary options broker, it is important to find a platform with a wide variety of forex pairs. Not all binary options brokers feature the Australian dollar in their currency pairs. Forex pairs can usually be found on the asset list of the website. However, it is recommended to open a binary options demo account in order to attain a true picture of the complete selection.  Below you will find the latest news on the AUD/NZD and AUD/USD forex pairs.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The AUD/NZD currency pair has made a complete turnaround from yesterday’s previous gains. This forex pair has declined by .3%, now trading at 1.2870 levels. This pair has been experiencing significant volatility lately. Keep an eye out for how the AUD performs in the upcoming week, as this currency has been volatile lately.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD fell against the U.S dollar, landing at 103.17 U.S cents. The USD currency has weakened ahead of the U.S Jobless Claims report and the Central Bank symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The U.S Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke is expected to address the possibility of introducing new stimulus measures to support the U.S economy. Be on the lookout for the results of this speech.

Today’s Financial Events

Asian shares have dropped today; Japan has slid by .8% to land at 8997.50. S&P/ASX 200 dropped by 43.45 points to settle at 4313.00, while Hang Sen 40 dropped 261.51 points and S&P CNX Nifty index slid by 46.80 points.

Looking Ahead: Binary Options vs. Forex

Binary options trading and forex trading differ significantly. When looking to trade the Australian dollar in forex pairs, it is important to do some research regarding trading instruments and asset options. Forex trading involves an extensive study of long term financial market trends, while binary options involves both short and long term time frames that require more of a focus on trading strategies. Forex brokers usually allow traders to choose from forex options, while many binary options brokers offer a selection of stocks, commodities, indices, currency pairs in addition to forex options. If you are looking for more variety in terms of trading assets and trading instruments, binary options brokers have a lot to offer. Pay attention to the market news and speak to professional market analysts regarding trading strategies in order to become a successful binary options trader.

Australian Dollar Slides

August 28, 2012 – Australian Binary Options Trading News

The Australian Dollar has declined to its lowest level in a month ahead of the U.S Federal Reserve summit. The currency lowered to 103.74 from a previous level of 103.85. Market investors are in anticipation of Chairman Ben Bernanke’s speech regarding a possible stimulus package. Bernanke is expected to discuss an approach regarding the quantitative easing policy during this talk on Friday. The AUD is also affected by weak commodity prices such as copper, which has declined significantly in the recent trading session.

AUD/USD Forex Pair

The AUD/USD currency pair fell on Monday, but bounced by 16 pips based off today’s data release in the U.S. The AUD has had its worst performance this month, while the USD has been soaring after positive U.S data. The AUD/USD resistance levels are expected to reach the 1.0400, 1.0440 and 1.0475 levels in the upcoming market.

EUR/AUD Forex Pair

The Euro is trading higher against the Australian dollar in today’s mid-day trading; reaching a 7 week high. Today, the pair is trading at 1.2108. The Euro has been performing in a volatile manner in recent months, due to the current European economic conditions and unclear stimulus measures to solve this crisis. The AUD has been declining this month and today has landed at its worst level.

Australian Home Sales Decline

The latest statistic released today shows that new home sales in Australia fell in by 5.6% in July, after a 2.8% increase the previous month. However, Australian bond futures gained slightly on Tuesday.

Today’s Financial Events

Look out for the construction work data being released in Australia today at 21:30. This report measures the change in the total inflation adjusted value of construction projected completed after the conclusion of the last quarter. This information provides an accurate gauge of the construction industry insight into the upcoming GDP data next week.

Looking Ahead

Make sure to take note of important data being released in Australia and New Zealand tomorrow, August 29. New Zealand will be releasing reports on building consents as well as business confidence. The building consents report provides unique insight into future construction activity and therefore potential employment data. The business confidence report surveys manufactures, builders and retailers in order to gain an indication of economic health. Australian important reports include building approvals, which will provide a gauge of future construction activity and a private capital expenditure report. The latter measures the change in the total inflation-adjusted value of new private business capital expenditures.  By looking at the results of these data reports, traders can gain insight into economic health of a country and use this information in binary options trading. Keep an eye out to see how the AUD performs at the beginning of next month.