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Kiwi Gains against Euro Overnight

February 5, 2013 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

EUR/NZD Forex Pair

Following data published regarding the Eurozone’s debt crisis, forex traders’ concern regarding the situation led the kiwi to soar versus the euro. The European single currency dropped from a two-year high against the USD. The NZD jumped to 62.59 euro cents, up from 62.03 euro cents at 17:00 yesterday in Wellington. The local currency was trading at 84.46 US cents, an increase from 84.55 cents.

News was released that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy accepted a bribery for his resignation, and Silvio Berlusconi closed the gap on Pier Luigi Bersani. The euro took a bearish turn after this media report. Meanwhile, local New Zealand traders anxiously await important scheduled economic events including labour cost data today and key jobs data on Thursday.

Binary options economists explain that it was not unexpected that the kiwi would advance, as the euro has been overvalued. The labour cost figures today will give insight regarding wage inflation and will perhaps give clues as to what could be expected from Thursday’s employment data. The NZD will most likely trade in the range of 84.25 to 84.60 US cents today.

The New Zealand economy is predicted to stay strong amid the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s difficult monetary policies as well as the global fiscal conditions which continue to support the kiwi.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

During yesterday’s trading session, the kiwi dipped from 81.10 Australian cents to 80.88 Australian cents. The 81.10 level was its highest in 2 years. Binary option traders will be focusing on the Reserve Bank of Australia’s meeting today in which they will review interest rates. The bank is forecasted to maintain the cash rate as it is at present, at 3 per cent, or 50 basis points more than the official cash rate of New Zealand. However, it is possible that the central bank will indicate the time at which a future rate cut may be in the coming months.

Yesterday the New Zealand dollar slid from 78.40 yen to 77.95 yen, and from 53.85 British pence to 53.56 British pence.  The trade-weighted index did not change much, staying at 76.15.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

There is a possibility that the NZD/USD forex binary option will fall slightly in the near future. For the meantime, however, the currency pair will probably continue to surge.

Friday’s trading session saw the highest level in 5 and a half years for the NZD index. This was mostly as a result of the kiwi’s increasing bullishness versus the greenback and the Aussie. Forex consultants claim that the NZD/USD is overvalued, unlike the AUD/NZD. The strong kiwi is putting downward pressure on the export-oriented New Zealand economy.

Binary options traders should make a point to follow the news closely, as there are several important financial events coming up which will influence their trading choices. Some of these events include today’s labor cost data and Thursday’s employment data. It remains to be seen if the New Zealand dollar will continue its bullish performance against the euro.

High New Zealand Dollar Forex rates Hurt Local Businesses

January 28, 2013 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

NZD in Binary Options Trading

Today is a regional holiday in New Zealand, Anniversary Day. Binary options traders have several important financial events to follow this week, namely the nonfarm payroll release on Friday and the FOMC meeting. This week’s OCR by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand put downward pressure on the kiwi. Binary options investors should make sure to watch out for the RBNZ meeting this Thursday. New Zealand’s central bank will most likely maintain the current official cash rate of 2.50 per cent. The services index drop from November to December did not change the economic growth outlook, but it did display a local economic slump.

The EUR/NZD jumped 0.24% to the 1.6093 level, and the NZD/JPY forex binary option tumbled 0.04% to the 76.16 level.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

The NZD/USD currency pair was boosted last week on strong Chinese and U.S. economic data. The forex pair was volatile last week, but closed the week’s session just below the 0.8370 level. The NZD/USD has mostly been remaining around the 0.8400 level since the start of the New Year. The HSBC announced last week that the China Flash PMI advanced to 51.9 in December, the highest point in twenty-four months, up from November’s 51.5 level. This had a great effect on the kiwi, as New Zealand’s second largest trading partner is China.

Although there was a public holiday today in Auckland, the kiwi still declined versus the greenback during today’s Asian trading session. The NZD/USD forex binary option slid 0.26% to 0.8362 on Monday. The forex pair will most likely find support at 0.8353, which was the lowest level on Friday, and resistance will most likely be at Thursday’s highest level of 0.8445.

Binary options experts predict that the NZD/USD might be in for some bearish behaviour ahead. This is as New Zealand political parties such as Labor, New Zealand First, Mana and Green are meant to hold hearings and discuss the strong kiwi, which is hurting New Zealand’s exporters.

The above-mentioned political parties maintain that due to the strong dollar, New Zealand’s manufacturing sector has cut 40,000 jobs. Economies which rely on export struggle when their local currencies surge too high, as they in turn profit less. Therefore, some New Zealand politicians mentioned that they would prefer the NZD/USD currency pair to fall to the 75 price level, which has not been reached since 2012’s second quarter. The strength of the kiwi poses a real threat to some businesses. Although the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has been concentrating more on inflation, perhaps the bank will support the manufacturing executives and take needed measures to weaken the NZD.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

Friday night saw a substantial advance of the NZD/AUD pair, which reached its highest point since October of last year. Since today is the Australia Day holiday, trading is expected to be quieter for the Aussie prior to tomorrow’s release of the NAB business survey.

People who are serious about becoming successful binary options traders should make it a point to follow the mentioned financial events closely this week.

Kiwi to Gain off RBA Meeting

January 23, 2013 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

Binary options trading appeals to many, because the average Joe can trade the exciting new financial instrument. There is no need to be a millionaire, but you do have the chance of becoming a millionaire! There’s also no need to be a financial expert, but you can become one by trading and learning the markets, or you can use the help of your broker’s financial experts who will give you guidance and teach you how to analyse the markets.

We suggest you keep it simple; Start out by sticking to one or two currency pairs. Choose your local currency so that it will be easier for you to follow. Try trading the AUD/NZD or NZD/USD forex binary options, for example. As you become more experienced, you will feel more comfortable moving on to other forex pairs.

As you gain confidence with time, you will be able to determine which type of trading suits you better; whether you enjoy the rush of 60 Second options, or whether you prefer to execute long-term trades. One of the great things about trading binary options is that you have so many different possibilities at your fingertips.

An important piece of advice that we can offer you without hesitation is that you must stay informed of market news. You have come to the right place to begin with. Here you can read the news about the New Zealand dollar. By doing this, you will have a better idea of which direction the currency will move in, and you will know whether to select Call or Put options for your various binary option trades.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

This afternoon, Auckland time, the kiwi was climbing. Binary options analysts anticipated that it would gain further later in the day. The NZD jumped to US$0.8409, which was an increase from yesterday’s US$0.8360.

It seems as though the Reserve Bank of Australia will decide to cut rates at the next meeting it holds, which will mean good news for the New Zealand dollar.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

Australian CPI figures are set to be released today. Binary options economists predict that the core measure of inflation will rise. If so, then the Aussie will most likely advance this afternoon, and the kiwi will probably advance right along with it.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

The greenback gained overnight, but there was not much news to support the kiwi. The NZD/USD binary option was staying at the 84 price level.

Important Upcoming Events

In order to stay ahead of the game and benefit from binary options trading, it is crucial to keep an eye on market events. Tomorrow there will be important data released from China regarding the HSBC PMI. Traders will be concentrating on U.S. lawmakers, since the debt ceiling will most likely be raised. Although a recovery for the current U.S. financial situation is in the works, traders are still concerned. Keep a look out for important events this week in order to make trades based on knowledgeable predictions rather than blind guesses.

NZD/USD Starts the New Year off High

January 1, 2013 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

Many exciting opportunities are at hand as we ring in the New Year. It is customary to look over the past year of one’s life and contemplate what was accomplished and mistakes that were made, to notice where there is room for improvement and what goals can be set for the New Year. This can be applied to binary options trading as well. It is no less important, because investing can be a big part of your life and can have an effect on other areas of your life as well. Just as is it is crucial to be aware of how you behave in situations such as relationships or work, it is also critical to be aware of how you behave when trading binary options.

Therefore, we suggest you to take some time to review your last trading year. What kind of trades did you make? Which assets did you choose to trade on? Which factors led you to make those choices? What profits did you make? How might you improve?

There are many different ways to go about trading. You might be more comfortable with fundamental analysis, for example, rather than technical analysis, or vice versa. Some strategies might suit you more than others. You may prefer particular charts when predicting market trends. Your preferences may work for you, but it can’t hurt to reevaluate your methods. That way can you be sure that you are working to your full potential and that you are not missing out on an alternative method that might work even better for you. This is the best time to set trading goals for yourself to start the New Year off well.

One thing that every binary options analyst will agree on is that it is necessary to be up-to-date on the news. Current events, whether political, economic or financial, significantly affect the markets, and having knowledge of the market news will help you make informed trading decisions. In this section of our website we provide you with the latest news regarding the New Zealand dollar. Make sure to check this section every week so that you will be able to keep an eye on the performance of the NZD.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

The NZD/USD forex binary options ended the year on a high note, with an increase of 44 pips, bringing the currency pair to the trading level of 0.8242. The forex pair was supported by positive news from China; the Chinese PMI reported higher than forecast at 51.50, which is stronger than it has been in months. New Zealand relies heavily on its trade with China. The USD has been very volatile, prior to the budget deal and in reaction to public comments and press. It remains to be seen whether the New Zealand dollar will rise or fall once the market reopens on Wednesday, following the New Year’s holiday. Get ready to open your trades as soon as the market opens.

We would like to wish all of our readers a happy, healthy New Year, full of successful trading!

Kiwi Gains against Yen Following Japanese Election

December 18, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

In order to become a successful binary options trader, you will need to do a bit of research before executing your trades. Don’t worry – you don’t need to rush to your local library to take out any books. You simply need to keep yourself updated on current economic events. To know whether a particular binary option requires a “Call” or a “Put”, you will need to be able to predict what direction the price of the option will move in. And to do that, you will need to follow the performance of the specific asset you are trading on. Keep reading for news regarding the New Zealand dollar. We also suggest that you trade on a platform which provides you with daily, weekly and monthly market news.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

The Japanese elections were held on December 16th. Promising further monetary stimulus, Japan’s leading opposition party regained its power. This led the New Zealand dollar to rise versus the Japanese yen. The Reserve Bank of Australia reduced interest rates recently, which resulted in a booming AUD. The NZD/JPY binary option reached its highest point in four years against its Japanese counterpart, as traders expected the Bank of Japan to become increasingly pressured to expand policy easing very soon. The kiwi bought 70.91 yen.

The Reserve Bank of Australia mentioned fears regarding the global growth outlook. However, there were no clues provided as to whether there would be a policy ease again next year. The New Zealand Central Bank, on the other hand, has announced that with inflationary pressures abounding, it will most likely call for an increase.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing to find better solutions to beat deflation. In response to the pressure coming from Shinzo Abe, the Bank of Japan will ease monetary policy as soon as this week. They are also meant to adopt a 2 percent inflation target by January.

The kiwi advanced by 0.3 percent to 70.88 yen. The NZD/USD forex binary option dropped 0.2 percent, hitting 84.50 U.S. cents. Towards the end of last week’s trading session, however, the NZD nearly reached a 15-month high of $0.8477. The NZD climbed a whopping 6.3 percent this year. This was in fact the largest increase of currencies from the 10 developed nations, monitored by the Bloomberg Correlation-Weighted Indexes. The AUD, in contrast, only jumped 0.5 percent. The USD dipped 3.1 percent, and the yen dropped 12 percent.

There seems to be some progress made in regards to discussions about the looming U.S. fiscal cliff. This helped bring risk-appetite to the markets. Binary options analysts advise that United States, the world’s largest economy, may fall into recession due to going over the fiscal cliff. This news has supported the AUD/USD forex pair, which hit $1.0542.

The New Zealand government announced that a budget surplus in 2014/15 would be lower than forecasted, at $66 million. Binary option traders anticipate an increase in the kiwi’s bullishness. However, not all traders are feeling confident enough to buy into the kiwi. Binary options economists predict that the kiwi may tumble towards the $0.8360 level if the gross domestic product data on Thursday will be weaker than forecasted.

Kiwi Reaches 5-Week High against Aussie Currency Peer

December 11, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

In this section, we will discuss the current events surrounding the New Zealand dollar. As we always suggest to our readers, you should make it a point to stay focused on your own national currency, as this will be the easiest one for you to follow. Read up on global economic events as well and familiarize yourself with the performance of the kiwi’s currency peers as well, but become an expert on your domestic currency.

We make it easy for you by providing you with weekly news about the NZD. Do not stop there, however; Make sure that you choose a binary options trading platform wisely, like ones seen here. How do you do this? It’s simple: Select a platform that offers you the best features, is user-friendly, and provides you with market news. It’s best if your binary options broker provides you with daily, weekly and monthly market news. This will help you stay up-to-date and it will give you the ability to make informed trading decisions to increase your chances of earning high returns. Keep reading for news regarding the kiwi.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

The NZD hit the 83.55 level, its highest since September 28th, and then subsequently gained 0.1 per cent, bringing it to 83.54 U.S. cents. The kiwi’s value did not change much in respect to the yen, hitting 68.77 yen. The AUD dropped to NZ$1.2535, which was the lowest point since November 5th. It then jumped slightly to NZ$1.2548, which was 0.1 per cent lower than its value at the close of the trading session yesterday.

Based on economic data which was recently published by New Zealand, it seems as though the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will keep interest rates as they are at present and maintain its neutral bias.

According to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, housing prices have advanced by 7.3 per cent in November from the previous year. Electronic cards transactions climbed 0.5 per cent from October, when it had gained 0.4 per cent. Core spending rose 1 per cent, which was the most significant advance in seven months.

New Zealand’s two-year swap rate signifies what traders expect the interest rate to be. It remained virtually the same, at 2.713 per cent.

Economists at the Bank of New Zealand expect that the Fed will announce another plan for asset-purchase, which would keep the greenback low and give support to the kiwi and the aussie.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

It is likely that the Federal Reserve may further monetary stimulus beginning today. If this would indeed take effect, it would probably cripple the greenback. As traders have been expecting this to happen, many nations’ currencies have been climbing against the USD.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

Following a rise in New Zealand housing prices last month, the kiwi was at its strongest point in five weeks versus its Australian counterpart. Housing prices are at their fastest annual pace in five years. Card spending has jumped as well.

After business confidence in Australia dipped to its lowest point since 2009, the aussie fell against all of its 16 main currency peers.

For Daily news you can check out the New Zealand Herald office website.

Kiwi Rises against Greenback, Falls against Aussie

December 4, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

We here at realize that people choose to trade binary options for two main reasons: It’s easy to do, and you can gain high returns. A mistake that many binary options traders make, however, is in thinking that trading binary options is so easy that they don’t need to do any research about the industry or the markets. That is not the right way to go about trading. Which is why, by checking out our site and by reading this article, you’re already one step ahead – it shows us that you’re serious, as you are doing the extra work to make sure you will become a successful trader. In this regard, you have already actively increased your chances of earning substantial profits, even before placing any trades.

Another way to help your chances is by staying in your comfort zone, or, in this case, trading on your own domestic currency. Much like the advice offered to writers, “Write what you know,” we’re offering you this advice: Trade what you know. As a New Zealander, it will most likely be more convenient for you to stay up to date on the events surrounding your own currency which you are directly affected by every day.

Keep reading to find out the latest news regarding the New Zealand dollar. Be sure to stay informed of the current market events before you place any trades.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

The Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates to 3 per cent, down 25 basis points. Following this cut, the NZD climbed against the USD, but dropped against the AUD today. After trading at the US82.11c level this morning, the kiwi subsequently jumped to US82.21c. From a morning hit of 78.74 Australian cents, the NZD subsequently dipped to A78.69c. The New Zealand currency slid down from 73.33 to 73.30 on the Trade Weighted Index against its main currency peers.

Economists explain that the Aussie was able to soar due to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s rate cuts, which were completely expected by the market. The announcement arrived after official data illustrated that Australian building approvals decreased much more than had been expected in October, falling a 7.6% following the previous month’s 9.5% climb. Financial analysts had predicted that October would see a 2% fall regarding building approvals.

There are many important financial events coming up which binary options traders should look out for. Some of the upcoming events include data releases of Spanish employment figures, PMI numbers from the United Kingdom, as well as Australian employment figures and the New Zealand cash rate announcement which will be on Thursday. Most New Zealand traders are eagerly awaiting Thursday.

The Kiwi traded at 67.53 Japanese yen, which was higher than its earlier value of 67.49 yen. The NZD was at 62.94 euro cents, which was lower than its earlier level of 63.88. The New Zealand currency advanced from 51 pence this morning to 51.06 pence. Economists predict that it will trade between US82.50c and US82.50c overnight, with a bias towards the downside.

The Kiwi Drops against the Greenback Today

November 20, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

Binary options are quickly becoming the most popular financial instruments to trade today. There are several reasons for this, one reason being that the risk is lower than other forms of financial trading and the returns can be high. People also like trading binary options because both the execution of the trades and the results are speedy. The trading is done easily online, so you can even trade while you’re in your pajamas at home!

As exciting as binary options can be, the thrill comes from the prospect of making quick money. That’s where we come in – to offer some advice regarding selecting a proper binary options broker, to ensure that it is more likely for you to gain substantial profits.

When choosing which binary options platform to trade with, it is important to check that the platform is straightforward and user-friendly. For beginner traders, you should also make sure that the broker provides you with an e-book, in order to familiarize yourself with the binary options industry. Don’t forget to choose a binary options website that provides you with market news as well. A news section is a crucial feature you should look for, as being informed of the latest economic news will help you trade successfully. Stay up-to-date on financial current events, and your chances of gaining higher profits will increase. Become an expert on the New Zealand dollar in particular, since this is your domestic currency. Keep reading for news regarding the performance of the kiwi.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

There was low risk-appetite after ratings agency Moody’s downgraded France, and growth outlook regarding the Eurozone’s 2nd largest economy is falling. Since Standard & Poor’s cut France’s credit rating in January, markets were not shocked by Moody’s cut.

Traders had been waiting for a Eurozone finance ministers’ meeting later today. The meeting was in Brussels, and the topic of discussion was Greece’s financial situation, in particular whether Greece will be able to receive its next instalment of bailout funds.

Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of Australia implied that it might further cut interest rates next month, claiming that further easing might be called for.

Another important event scheduled for Tuesday is the US’s release of official data regarding building permits and housing starts.  Additionally, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was scheduled to speak at an event in New York.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

Following France’s credit rating being cut by ratings agency Moody’s, the NZD slid against the USD today. The NZD/USD binary option hit 0.8171 during late Asian trade, and then subsequently tumbled 0.32%, consolidating at 0.8173.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The NZD fell against the Aussie today; the AUD/NZD forex pair jumped 0.24% to 1.2725, a comeback from its overnight losses.

Some information to keep in mind while placing your trades today is the following: Australian shares climbed 0.6% today; Asian stocks are soaring for the third day in a row; Hong Kong is up 0.8%; Japanese shares increased slightly by 0.06%.

The Kiwi Slid against the Greenback Today After a Tight Session of Binary Options Trades

November 13, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

Trading binary options is a unique activity in that it suits beginner and experienced traders alike. People with no knowledge of the financial world and who are not accustomed to trading can easily learn how to trade binary options, unlike some other financial trading instruments. Advanced traders can also enjoy trading, because they can use their knowledge of the markets to help them and there is always room to learn new strategies. It is important for both new and old traders to have guidance from an expert financial adviser. You should definitely make sure to choose a platform that provides you with a professional account manager to teach you if you need teaching, and to discuss strategies with you for your various specific trades.

The binary options industry offers four different asset types to choose from; Forex, stocks, commodities and indices. No matter which asset you would like to choose, you should read up on what is currently occurring in the markets, and you should keep informed of global economic news. In particular, you should consider concentrating on your own region’s economy and domestic currency performance, as it is always easier to keep a closer eye on what is happening right next to you. Keep reading to find out news that directly affects the New Zealand dollar today.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

The NZD/USD currency pair performed bearishly last week, dropping from 0.8307 to 0.8120. This morning the NZD was at 73.22 on the Trade Weighted Index against its leading currency peers, and later today it jumped to 73.30. Tomorrow at 10:45 AM New Zealand time there will be important New Zealand data released regarding retail spending. This event is important for binary options traders since the outcome will influence whether a rate cut will be likely to occur after recent weak employment data. Overnight markets will focus on the consumer price index data which will be published from the UK, as well as on German economic data.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

During a tight trading session today, the kiwi fell against the USD. The NZD hit US81.87c earlier today and subsequently dipped to US81.65c. The greenback is continuing with its bullish behavior against most of its currency peers as markets have lost their risk-appetite and are gearing more towards safe havens, namely the USD and JPY. Since it was a bank holiday on Monday, there was not a heavy trading volume yesterday in the US. The kiwi found support due to positive economic data from China. Economists predict that the kiwi will trade overnight between US81.90c and US80.90c, leaning more to the downside.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

For the last couple of days, the AUD/NZD forex binary option has been staying around the 1.2750 level. At the close of Monday’s trading session, the currency pair remained basically the same at 1.2750 after fluctuating between 1.2735 and 1.2780. The NZD traded earlier today at 78.36 Australian cents, followed by a later hit of A78.43c.

NZD Climbs after RBA Announcement to Maintain Current Interest Rates

November 6, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

This week is an important one for New Zealanders looking to trade their domestic currency, as the Reserve Bank of Australia has made its decision today regarding interest rates. The RBA announced that interest rates will not be cut and will rather stay unchanged at 3.25%, unlike binary options traders’ predictions that the rate would be cut to 3.00%. After this news, the kiwi jumped late Tuesday. The NZD is not expected to go far beyond its current range, however, ahead of the upcoming US presidential elections.

As always, we strongly recommend our readers to keep a look out for important financial events, so as to be fully updated and increase your chances of gaining high returns on your binary options trades. When choosing your binary options broker, go for one that provides you with a detailed financial calendar of events, as well as daily, weekly and monthly market news. Make sure that the financial calendar is extensive and explains a bit about each event as well, so that you will understand what you are looking at.

Furthermore, as many of our readers live in New Zealand or Australia, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with market news regarding the NZD and the AUD in particular, as it will be easier for you to keep up with events surrounding your own national currency.

Keep reading below for news regarding the NZD.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

Binary options economists explain that the RBA’s decision disappointed traders who anticipated a cut, and a cut is not predicted in the near future. Although the NZD has risen following this news, it will most likely be capped, as there are many other factors at play, including crucial market events. These events include the US. Presidential election, of course, as well as China’s Party Congress and meetings of the Bank of England and the European Central Bank. Regarding the US election, there is a chance that the vote may be prolonged, which would cause a problem for the various markets.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

On Tuesday at 04:23 GMT the kiwi was buying at the US$0.8268 level, up from the US$0.8258 level late Monday. The NZD/USD hit the 0.8275 level during European morning trade, which was the forex binary option’s highest point since November 2.

Yesterday’s positive Chinese data helped support the NZD, and New Zealanders anticipate further data from China depicting strong results. The nearing US election is making binary options investors less willing to take risks. Another event which will prove influential to the markets is Greece’s parliamentary vote on Wednesday regarding new austerity measures necessary for Athens to continue receiving international aid.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The AUD/NZD forex binary option has jumped a bit today, as traders have been selling the kiwi and buying the Aussie. The Reserve Bank of Australia rate allowed the Aussie to further distance itself from the kiwi’s 1.2530 support zone. Today the NZD was buying at 0.7928 AUD, down from late Monday’s 0.7971 on late Monday.

The Kiwi Rises Amidst Hurricane Sandy

October 30, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

Although the U.S. stock market is currently closed due to Hurricane Sandy, binary options traders still have other asset types to trade on today. Aside from European or Asian stocks, or commodities, they can trade forex binary options, more specifically the NZD. It is a very exciting time for forex trading, as the market is especially volatile today and can bring great opportunity. That works out well for our readers, as most of you are New Zealanders who are probably the most informed on current events in your own country and therefore more likely to wish to trade on your own currency.

In this section, we provide you with market news regarding New Zealand and the NZD, to help you stay up-to-date and able to make educated decisions when executing your binary options trades. In addition to reading the news here, it is important that you choose to trade with a binary options broker who provides you with their own market news, as the more knowledgeable you are of the market, the better your chances of successful trading are. It is advisable that your binary options broker include a detailed financial calendar of events as well.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

The kiwi climbed against the USD today, while traders were distracted by Hurricane Sandy roaring along the east coast of the U.S. Binary options economists claim that the NZD is very stable today, in contrast to the AUD.

Binary options experts advise that if the BOJ does not take decisive easing action to combat the JPY’s strength, the kiwi may stop rising against the JPY. However, the pair is likely to climb again after not much time, as a result of weakened Japanese economic growth.

Traders currently anticipate the statement about potential easing from the Bank of Japan today, and they await the end of the U.S. storm. Other influential scheduled events include a decision regarding Greece’s budget extension, as well as payrolls and ISM manufacturing data from the U.S. later this week.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

The kiwi did not wake up on the right side of the bed on Monday, as binary options traders showed a lack of risk appetite. Some binary options economists deemed the NZD/USD forex binary option pair as virtually untradeable yesterday, as it was not a very mobile day for the currency pair. They claimed that if it would close at 0.83 at the end of the day, the forex pair will be a more interesting trade.

This morning saw a hit of 81.87 U.S. cents for the NZD/USD, and a subsequent rise to the 81.97 level. Economists predict that the kiwi will trade between 81.70 US cents and 82.50 overnight.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The AUD/NZD stayed at almost the same level for the week yesterday, back to the same level it was at a month ago. This morning the NZD/AUD traded at 79.24 Australian cents, and subsequently hit 79.30.

Keep all of this information in mind while making your binary options trading decisions today.

Traders Await RBZD Review after Kiwi’s Tumble Last Week

October 24, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

Binary option trading is arguably the easiest form of financial trading around. We’re here to make it even simpler for you. That’s why we provide you with weekly market news, including important data and events that are happening in the market at large and especially in New Zealand and Australia specifically. We mainly focus on New Zealand and Australia, as our readers are usually the most up-to-date with current events in these regions and prefer to trade their own currencies. It is extremely important to remain informed of market news, as the news will affect the binary options trades that you make and the knowledge will greatly increase your chances of gaining high profits and becoming a successful trader. A piece of advice from us is to make sure that your binary options broker has daily, weekly and monthly market news on their trading website as well, since this will be a great help to you while trading.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

The NZD performed weakly last week, so much so that New Zealand inflation slumped to the lowest points in the last 13 years. Markets priced in a higher chance of an interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, which led the kiwi to tumble.

The new Governor Wheeler of the RBZD is scheduled for his first Official Cash Rate review. Although everyone in New Zealand seems to be waiting for this review, binary options economists do not anticipate a change. We are mainly waiting for the statement to find out how the RBZD is coping with the bearish global market, the stable NZD, and slower inflation indicators and domestic growth, all while credit growth and reheating prices are increasing.

It is most likely that things will go smoothly and that the NZD will jump. However, it is still important to keep a look out for certain events this week, such as official quarterly Gross Domestic Progress data which indicates change in the inflation-adjusted value of all goods and services produced by the economy.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

The trading session on Monday saw little movement for the NZD/USD forex binary option pair, which was hovering just above the 0.81508 level. As a result, it is probably best to avoid NZD/USD trades right now, as we do not see much change for it in the near future. It seems as though the pair will rise after it forms a base, however. There is not much point trading this pair until it breaks above the 0.8225 level.

Monday saw optimistic market sentiment after the results of Spanish regional elections which showed support for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s austerity policies.

On Tuesday, the kiwi was lower against the USD, but traders continue to hope for Spain’s official bailout request. The NZD/USD forex currency pair hit the day’s low point of 0.8159 during European morning trade, and then fell 0.24% and consolidated at 0.8157.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The AUD/NZD forex binary option pair seems to be continuing bullishly. The market consolidated after breaking above 200-SMA (Simple Moving Average) and remained above the 1.26 level. Although the bullish momentum seems to be calming down, binary options economists do expect a bullish continuation this week.

New Zealand Dollar Gains on Positive Growth Data

September 20, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

Binary options trading can be very profitable when executed in the correct way. Traders are advised to research binary options brokers before trading on a specific platform. Each binary options broker offers different features and benefits. Make sure to check out our updated reviews of brokers recommended for New Zealand traders. We rate each platform based on user friendliness, selection of assets and expiry times, level of customer service and more. In addition to these considerations, it is important to find a broker who provides resources such as market news or a binary options guide. In this section, we provide the latest economic news for New Zealand and the NZD currency so you can become a knowledgeable and successful trader.

NZD in Binary Options Trading

The New Zealand dollar gained 40 pips earlier today, reaching the .8303 level after positive domestic economic news. Data has shown that New Zealand growth has doubled its forecasted numbers for the second quarter. Below you will find the latest updates on the NZD/USD and AUD/NZD binary forex pairs to help advise you in this week’s binary options trading.

NZD/USD Forex Pair

Last week, this binary forex pair was bullish in reaction to the weakened U.S dollar. The USD might weaken even further on potential Federal Reserve action. The pair reached the .8220 level, its highest in five months.

The USD declined by .4% after the Bank of Japan announced their monetary easing program yesterday.  Today, the U.S dollar started off the trading session on a strong note.

The NZD/USD pair is slightly bearish, currently trading at .8300 and hovering between the .80 and .82 levels with little action. The market is searching for support around .82. The pair has climbed quickly in the past few days, so this resting period is not out of the ordinary. However, any sudden action could shake this vulnerable pair. The currency option is forecasted at the .8200 level for the end of the year.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair

The AUD/NZD currency pair declined significantly in the past week, hitting a 2 month low.

The Aussie is trading at 1.0388 today, a decline of .8%. This fall occurred after weak Chinese manufacturing data, as China is Australia’s largest export market. The Kiwi is currently trading higher than the Aussie and today the forex pair erased all of its previous gains.

Look out for today’s data releases in Australia, including the Financial Stability Review from the Reserve Bank of Australia and the CB Leading Index data from the Conference Board.

Today’s Financial Events

Many binary options brokers provide a financial calendar in order to help traders keep track of important economic events and market indicators. Today’s important financial events for New Zealand include the Visitor Arrivals data release, which measures the strength of the tourism industry. Tourism accounts for an important portion of New Zealand’s GDP. Also look out for the release of Credit Card Spending data from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand today. This data will provide a picture of consumer confidence and level of financial security among New Zealanders.

NZD Rises on Weak USD

September 13, 2012 – New Zealand Binary Options Trading News

NZD in Binary Options Trading

Trading NZD/USDThe New Zealand dollar is a popular currency among binary options traders and forex traders alike. Many investors enjoy trading the AUD/NZD and AUD/USD forex pairs among a larger selection of assets in binary options trading. It is recommended to find a binary options broker who offers updated daily market news and lists important financial events in order to help you make the most educated decisions about how to trade these specific forex pairs.

Many New Zealand traders prefer binary options brokers who offer the New Zealand dollar as a trading currency because they are more knowledgeable about New Zealand economic news. For example, there is positive market sentiment regarding the Kiwi today following yesterday’s optimism in the Euro Zone. Many binary options traders will be placing Put actions on the NZD/USD forex pair in today’s trades. Read more news about today’s global financial events and specifically about the New Zealand economy below.

NZD/USD Forex Pair Bullish

The NZD/USD pair is currently trading at .8220, having been affected by today’s weak U.S dollar ahead of the FOMC meeting. The FOMC is expected to release details about the updated policy statement. This level, the highest in 5 months, is mostly unchanged from

the end of yesterday’s trading session.  Keep on the lookout to see if this bullish trend continues.

AUD/NZD Forex Pair Declines

Earlier in the week, the AUD/NZD binary options currency pair fell to a 2 month low and was hovering between the 1.2756 and 1.2781 levels. Today, this forex pair has not changed significantly, standing between 1.2740 and 1.2785 levels.

Today’s Financial Events

The NZD is strong today based on the combination of the weakened USD, positive Euro

Zone sentiment and optimism from China. The Chinese Premier made it clear yesterday that they will meet their economic goals for 2012, instilling confidence that they will continue trading with New Zealand. New Zealand’s economy is dependent upon trade with China.

New Zealand’s current interest rates are at a record low and the government has made a statement that this level may continue through the middle of the year 2013. The official cash rate now stands at 2.5%.

There are important data reports being released from New Zealand today, including the interest rate decision, RBNZ rate statement and the RBNZ monetary policy statement. Look out for the results of these announcements and how they will affect New Zealand’s economy before you place your binary options trades. For more details about these events, feel free to check out the financial calendar. Here you can see the specific GMT time the report will be released, which organization is responsible for the release and what that event means for you as a binary options trader.

Always make sure to check out New Zealand news regarding the New Zealand Dollar and current economic affairs. Many binary options brokers send daily or weekly market news updates straight to their registered traders by email. Other binary brokers post financial news on their site or blog. This is an important consideration when choosing the right binary options broker for you, as market events will directly affect your trades.

Trading NZD/USD with binary options

NZD  Business New Zealand Manufacturing Index  – This is a survey of manufacturers that asks the respondents to rate the relative level of business conditions such as employment, prices and inventories. The result will determine the strength of the New Zealand Dollar over the next 2 trading days. Therefore, start opening your NZD positions as soon as possible.

NZD/USD prices fell hard on Friday, as was predicted. Binary options allows simplified currency trading and prices falling breaking Thursday’s low’s was a strong signal and this pair fell hard as a result. The 0.81 support line was well below and it looks like we are going to continue to test it at this point. At the same time there would appear to be plenty of support in that price range. Because of this, do not expect to place put options this pair at this point. Actually call options on this pair would be the smart move, but only if you see the right support levels. If not, wait and look for a daily close below the lower 0.80 and start placing your put options.

Trading NZD/USD

One DollarSept. 6th  – The New Zealand dollar can expect a rather light week in terms of trading indicators so technical fundamentals will play a bigger role.

Recently released reports of manufacturing sales in New Zealand were published on Tuesday as was a rather large number in comparison to other recent updates. New Zealand as a whole can expect to enjoy another quarter of economic growth in volume of manufactures sales after experiencing 0.7% and 0.9% growth previously.

The overseas trade index which came out on Thursday is an indicator that has proven extremely recevant for New Zealand. This number correlates directly with purchase power. In the previous two quarters this number was positive totaling a rise of 11.6% in that period. We can expect to see another quarter of growth however this time a bit most modestly at around 2.2% to 2.8%.

NZD/USD Technical Analysis

The New Zealand dollar traded against the US Dollar last week at a recent low of  0.0.7963 before recovering. After a struggling with the 0.8000 line, Friday’s move sent it temporarily below 0.84, before closing just above 0.84 peaking around 0.8500 .

The NZD/USD pair is now trading somewhat stubbornly at around 0.8400 and should peak this week at around 0.8600 once again. Anything below 0.8400 should be a warning sign for traders and if this pairs price starts to dip below 0.8300 it should be watched closely.

Below, 0.8200, that was a swing low in mid-July and also held NZD/USD in February is the next support line. Lower, 0.7100 has historicly worked as support back in September of last year and was a pivotal line in July. The final line for now is the year-to-date high of 0.8651.

Looking up, 0.8533 capped the pair during August and serves as the next resistance line if 0.84 is cleared. This is followed by  the 0.8334 region, which capped the pair when it traded higher.

I would keep one finger on the pulse of this currency as time moves on and certainly would expect it to continue to dip after Fridays trading.

NZ dollar weakens as data once again shows no growth in U.S. job market

One DollarSept. 5th – The value of the New Zealand Dollar fell more than two thirds of a cent against the USD after pivotal August non-farm payrolls reports shows that U.S. economic growth is little to none. This news prompted investors to abandon high risk high reward assets in favor of government bonds and the classic trader safe haven, Gold.

This recent drop of the New Zealand dollar first brought trading to 84.30 against the US Dollar, as it later fell even further to 72.67 on the influence of major trading partner’s currencies.

The uncertainty of global equities and their markets moving forward after this month’s non-farm payroll reports shifted markets in to full “risk-off” on Friday just after the newly released employment data showed that the prediction of 60,000 made by a Bloomberg poll was well off its mark.

This negative swing saw risk sensitive currencies such as the kiwi and Australian dollar’s fall as investors ran for the so called “safe haven assets.

“It was a rough close to last week for global markets and hence the New Zealand dollar. The cap on the New Zealand dollar should continue to be lowered in the early part of this week given the developments on the US employment front.” said Alex Sinton, one of the senior dealers at ANZ New Zealand

In recent weeks and months the New Zealand dollar traded against the AUD at high at 79.49 up from an already high 79.38. The NZD fell even harder all the way from 59.64 against the Euro last week to a low of 52.15.

The fears that have developed over Europe’s debt crisis strengthened with news of the Italian finance minister Giulio Tremoti confirming that his country’s pledge to keeping good on the newly passed austerity package after the European central bank stepped in and pressured the right wing government for action.

Keep close eyes on the New Zealand dollar this week as it should trade against the US Dollar between 84.20 and 85.00 with the strong possibility of prices slipping further.