What Are Binary Options Bonus?

To encourage those who wish to open a trading account with them , brokers offer bonuses in addition to the amounts deposited by the customer. Some even offer a bonus no minimum deposit.

To choose your broker, you should avoid too tempted by an attractive bonus and compare different brokers. Start by checking the blacklist published by the AMF and eliminate any broker on this list regardless of the amount of the bonus it offers. Indeed, it is insensitive people who offer financial services so that they are prohibited.

After this initial screening, a comparative look at brokerage firms and learn about services and prices offered by each of them. While some of them offer a free bonus, this can be considered an interesting feature, but do not choose a broker based solely on this criterion.

Consider all the services offered by each broker and including training it offers for beginners, as it presents or not to open a demo account ( allowing you to train yourself before making actual transactions ) and the opportunity to receive personalized advice. You should also know that significant bonus can sometimes hide poor performance or processes indélicats. En Therefore, even if a broker offers a no deposit bonus or a free service, we must examine the details of the offer.

Also remember to check if each broker on this comparison is approved by the competent authorities in his country and he has a good reputation on the Internet. Also take into account the minimum amount of deposit required, return on loss, the maximum possible gain and minimum positions that must be taken for each operation. By analyzing these criteria, you can choose the broker whose performance will be the most profitable for you.