How To Trade With Each Asset Class


Raw materials constitute the commodities asset class. Commodities may continue to remain in the natural form or they may be converted to other useful forms. The main commodity assets are agricultural products, metals and crude oil. Commodities are often traded as three-month futures. Typically, commodity prices will be most active during the beginning as well as middle part of the contract period. Weather plays a key role and impacts the price of agricultural commodities. Crude oil’s price is impacted by various factors such as weather, conflicts, stock position, etc. You should watch news reports on a regular basis as you will be presented with opportunities to trade commodity and make profits due to the occurrence of such events.


When it comes to currencies, there is a great deal of difference between basic currency trading as well as currency binary options trading. Nevertheless, there are some similarities as well. Among the four asset classes, currency assets are usually the most volatile. As a novice in the binary options market, you may find currency assets to be a little more intimidating than others. However, this asset class may present you with a number of trading opportunities.

You need to pay a lot of attention to economic news released by countries if you want to successfully trade currency binary options. Specifically, you must be very careful when news on employment statistics are released by nations. Further, you can consider trades in major currencies when the American as well as European market hours overlap.


If you are a new investor in the binary market, you can consider trading in stock binary options. Equities are a great choice for beginners because of two reasons: most people are somewhat familiar with most major companies and binary options brokers generally offer a number of stock binary option assets to trade with. When trading binary options in equities, you must make decisions on the basis of financial numbers reported by companies at the end of each quarter and other company news released from time to time. Earnings and profit and loss reports released by companies can significantly impact the prices of their stocks. You must be on the lookout for making profits from binary option trades when prices of stocks trend higher or lower during the release of quarterly earnings announcements. If you are well prepared, you will be in a position to take the right action when such opportunities are presented to you.


The last asset class is the indices. They encompass the entire market and are therefore a great choice for binary options trading. The events that take place within the country in which the market is located greatly impact the value of their indices. In order to identify opportunities in trading index binary options, you must monitor the news releases and then watch as to how the market reacts to the release of the specific news. If you train yourself properly, you will be able to quickly notice the changes in the value of the indices because of the impact created by the news.

Summarizing, each of the four asset classes will present you with opportunities in trading binary options. Generally, most of the traders settle down to executing binary trades in one or two of the asset classes as a matter of preference. This is okay, but you must keep in mind the fact that trading in varied underlying assets from different asset classes can enable you to make higher amounts of profits. If you are new to binary options trading, it is a good idea to carry out trades in assets belonging to each of the asset classes on a test basis by making minimal investments. This will help you not only to become familiar with each one of the four asset classes, but also feel comfortable with trading a wide variety of assets.