High / Low Option

High/Low Option

These are the simplest of all binary options and the ones traders usually get started with. The High option is a prediction that the price will be above the strike price at expiration. The Low option is the opposite, a prediction that the market will be below the strike price at the expiry time.

The good thing about the High/Low option is that the market does not need to move much for the trade to be profitable. If you guess the direction of the price correctly then one tick above or below (depending on your prediction) the strike is enough to earn a profit.

These High/Low options are offered with various durations. Most binary options platforms offer the High/Low option with expirations as short as 60 seconds, up to a few days, with a payout up to 81%.

Executing a Classic Trade:

To execute a trade, simply log into your account, deposit funds, choose an asset, expiry time, your position (“Call”/UP or “Put”/DOWN), enter an investment amount and click APPLY. The system will give you three (3) seconds to confirm or cancel your trade before executing the trade at the original rate you chose. The entry price is held during this period.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Execute a Trade:

  1. Choose the Asset (e.g. Nasdaq Future)
  2. Choose the Expiry Time (e.g. 20:30 today)
  3. Take a Position, Call for UP or Put for DOWN (e.g. CALL)
  4. Enter Investment Amount (e.g. 25$)
  5. Click Apply!