Trading Terminals For Forex MT4 Or MT5

A lot of traders wonder which trading terminal is better? A proven МТ4 or modern МТ5? In this article we will talk in detail about the differences that may be decisive. Or not. Everything individually and depends on you, which you will like and what – not.

It is known that in the МТ4 of people pleases simplicity in control, comfortable interface where all buttons are in the right places. This explains why this terminal is so popular among Forex traders.

Thus MT5 comes on the heels of the previous version because it does have some nice pieces, which we will examine in more detail.

Now, Without Locking

The MT5 locking becomes impossible. Alas, but for now it is the norm for a professional platform. Some traders are so used to locking that MT5 will be very uncomfortable for them. If you want to enjoy other elements of this shopping terminal, you can open two accounts and open on one deal for purchase, and on the other – for sale. But this approach is essentially a crutch, as additional investments are needed.

In MT4 plus is that when opening the opposite positions to lay much less. It’s not like that now. Although no one prevents you from using both versions.

Other Features Of MT5

In the last version of the MetaTrader there was an opportunity to conclude several bargains at the different levels on the financial instrument chosen by you. There is something similar in the updated version, but all deals will unite.

Besides, in the Metatrader of the fifth version the glass of the prices appeared. It contains information on purchase and sale requests at the price that is now closest to the market price. From it is convenient to make transactions, as well as a market glass allows to understand whether transactions actually come to the inter-bank.

As for the interface, it remains roughly the same, but more timeframes have been added, it can make your trading system more flexible.

Here are some more interesting chips of the latest version of the famous trading terminal:

1. Manage positions with the mouse. It’s really convenient. To open a position, just click once. And speed is very important in the Forex market. You must understand that yourself.

2. Now, only one format in order to keep a history of quotations – M1. Others will not.

Strategy Tester

I think this is a major improvement of the fifth version of MetaTrader. The strategy tester has become more flexible, powerful and convenient. With this supplement, you can test your trading system on multiple currency pairs at once. The same can be done with the adviser and understand what he is. Moreover, you can test multiple computers at the same time.

Besides the strategy tester, there is also a strategy generator in which you can assemble your own advisor on your own.

Of course, it is impossible to replace the МТ5 МТ4, under which a huge number of modules, advisers, indicators and so on are written. However, the updated version perfectly complements the old version. Therefore, it is recommended to use both versions depending on what you want. In addition, there is a mobile version of the МТ5, which is another advantage of the new platform.